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Like a car, your heating system needs to be maintained and be cleaned, and the water within your heating system needs to be looked after and treated. Powerflushing is a process that cleans the inside of the pipes and radiators of your heating system. This process ensures the best circulation and fast heat-up times, while reducing the chances of boiler and radiator breakdowns and faults. This will save you time, hassle, and money in the long run.

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What is powerflushing your central heating system?

A powerflush is a deep clean for your boiler and central heating system which helps keep it working to its full capacity. Powerflushing central heating removes dirt, debris, and sludge that build up over time, ensuring water can flow freely and heat is well distributed. Powerflushing also helps to protect the inside of your boiler and radiators. There are different types of powerflushing and system cleaning.


This involves attaching a specialist device to your boiler and radiators. Powerflushing circulates a professional cleansing solution to flush out pipes and components including all your system’s radiators and pipe work. On average, the process takes around half a day to complete. The aim of powerflushing is to remove as much of the dirt, debris, and sludge from your system as possible.

Chemical flushing

This is a basic cleansing option that involves introducing a cleaning agent to the heating system and leaving the boiler pump to move it around the system. System flushing will clean out the easy to remove particles but could struggle with a bigger build-up of sludge and debris.

Magnacleanse filter

A Magnacleanse filter is comprised of filters installed under your boiler. As a magnet with sleeving around it, it will collect any kind of sludge and debris over the year. This will be cleaned out near your boiler, meaning any debris will be disposed of. This method uses the boiler’s own pump, and only takes a couple of hours.

Why choose South London Heating for your powerflush?

Here at South London Heating, we’re experts in powerflushing and maintaining your heating system to ensure it is in optimal condition.

  • We’re trusted professionals in South London, with 25 years’ experience
  • Gas Safe Registered: We’re fully trained and qualified
  • Winners of the Which? ‘Trusted Trader of the Year’ award!
  • Rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot and 5/5 on Which? Trusted Trader

Why is a central heating system flush important?

A powerflush can help if you are experiencing:

  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Reduced efficiency from your central heating
  • Your radiators taking a long time to heat up
  • Unusual noises from your central heating system

We can carry out a powerflush to proactively solve these problems. We can also provide them as part of routine maintenance, preventing problems from occurring in the first place and reducing the need for repairs. We often work with customers who have just moved into a new home, as well as those who are installing a new boiler. A powerflush may be needed under the terms and conditions of your new boiler’s guarantee – the system may need to be cleansed to ensure its validity.

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The benefits of powerflushing central heating systems

  • Faster-heating pipes and radiators
  • Better efficiency, resulting in lower heating bills
  • Increased life expectancy in your central heating
  • Even heat distribution around the home

Powerflushing is often a great way to either prevent or resolve problems with your heating system. South London Heating will always suggest the right option for your system, using over 25 years of experience to tailor our services to your home.

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Choose the Which? ‘Trusted Trader of the Year’ for your central heating system flush!

The powerflushing process needs to be carried out by professionals who are fully trained in using specialist devices and chemicals. Choose powerflushing professionals with a reputation for quality. We’re proud to have been named Which? ‘Trusted Trader of the Year’! We also have a Which? Certificate of Distinction, demonstrating our commitment to our customers and our proven level of customer service.

Which?, the UK’s leading consumer body, carries out a thorough assessment process and has verified that we go above and beyond as a company to help our customers. Enjoy exceptional customer care and an award-winning service when you choose us to maintain your central heating.

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