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Our reliable boiler service in South London

Servicing your boiler is one of the most undervalued, yet most important annual steps to keep your hot water and heating running smoothly. It’s the best way to make sure your boiler is operating safely and not using more gas than it needs to, while reducing your energy bills and ensuring it’s less likely to fail. It also keeps your boiler’s guarantee up to date. Servicing your boiler annually is a requirement that all boiler manufacturers ask for to ensure your guarantee remains valid.

Our technicians provide a comprehensive boiler service, safety, and efficiency check, according to Which? recommended standards. We are the experts you need in South London when it comes to having your boiler serviced, attending to every part of your boiler. Call us on 0203 620 5800.

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Why is it important to have an annual boiler service?

You may be wondering, why do I need to service my boiler annually? We’re your heating specialists in South London and can reassure you that a boiler service will benefit your boiler and, by extension, your home’s hot water, heating, and energy bills. Let’s find out more:


Regularly servicing your gas boiler can ensure that it maintains its efficiency. With modern boilers performing with over a 95% efficiency rate, just a slight reduction of this rate can have a massive impact on your gas bills.


Servicing your boiler annually means that problems are spotted earlier, and any parts that are not working as they should can be replaced before greater damage is done. This saves you money in the long run and ensures that your home stays warmer for longer.


During your annual boiler service, a full safety inspection is also performed. It looks for damage or failing parts; for example, the integrity of the flue which takes the gas out of your home. It is vital for the safety of your family and your home.


If you have had a new boiler installed in your home in the last few years, the chances are that you received a manufacturer guarantee or warranty. All manufacturers require boilers to be serviced annually for the guarantee or warranty of the boiler to remain valid.

Boiler service with South London Heating

It’s important to know what will happen during a boiler service. Below are the variety of checks and inspections our Gas Safe registered engineers will complete during your boiler service:

  • Inspection of exposed pipework and flue
  • Testing of the flue to make sure it isn’t leaking carbon monoxide
  • Boiler efficiency check (operating pressure and/or heat input)
  • Safety devices check
  • Ventilation check
  • Inspection of the boiler and its controls for any wear or leaks, ensuring optimum performance
  • Inspection of all main boiler components (burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark, sensor probe) and its controls to make sure they’re safe
  • Carry out functional testing of heating and hot water
  • An assessment of your current heating controls and best practice advice regarding energy efficiency
  • A service checklist showing everything that our engineer has done

Reduce the hassle with our South London Heating boiler service plans

Want to take the hassle out of annual boiler servicing? Why not check out our servicing plans and join ‘The Club’. Leave the process to us and carry on with the more important things in life!

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What if my service finds faults?

If during your annual service there are faults that come up, you may need a boiler repair. Our engineers are experts when it comes to diagnosing faults and restoring your central heating system to full working order.

Boiler Repairs in South London

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