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Installing electric boilers in South London homes

Choose a greener way to heat your home and upgrade to an electric boiler today! An electric boiler is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly heating options available. Let us help you choose the best boiler for you and your family, so you can reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a cosy, relaxing home. We have more than 25 years’ experience and offer award-winning installations and servicing.

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If you want to learn more about how you can optimise the energy efficiency of your home and move towards greener heating and hot water solutions, get in touch. South London Heating is your local heating and green energy specialist.

Investing in an electric boiler

Electric boilers are a popular choice for many homeowners across South London and the South East. For some, it’s the change in legislation that makes an electric boiler the right option for home heating and hot water, and, for many, it’s the positive environmental impact that electric boilers have. They offer a greener way to heat your home.

Whether you’re looking to replace or improve your current electric boiler or are looking to swap over to an electric boiler, South London Heating are your local electric boiler specialists. Here’s why:

  • Winners of the Which? ‘Trusted Trader of the Year’ award
  • One of the few traders to hold a Which? Certificate of Distinction
  • Reputable, experienced electric heating installers in South London
  • “Excellent” 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating and a 5/5 score on Which? Trusted Traders!

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Our customers are more than happy with our work – we're their go-to heating company and we always provide top-quality work. There’s no better proof than our excellent customer reviews!

The benefits of electric boilers for flats and houses

There are many advantages in having an electric boiler installed for heating and hot water at your property in South London:

Emissions-free heating

Choosing an electric boiler will reduce your carbon footprint and is an easy way to be more eco-friendly.

Space saving

Electric boilers are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for South London homes where space is at a premium.

No flue needed

There are no waste gases, meaning no flue pipes. You have more flexibility to choose where to put your boiler. Electric boilers can be installed in flats that aren’t connected to the gas network, providing a cost-effective, sustainable, convenient alternative to oil or LPG boilers.

Quiet to use

Electric boilers are very quiet when operating. Get a good night’s rest and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Minimal maintenance

Electric boilers need less frequent servicing and there’s a low chance of faults – they’re incredibly reliable.

How do electric boilers work?

Much like traditional boilers, electric boilers take water from the mains and pass it through a heating element that heats it to the desired temperature. Electricity is fed from the mains electricity supply to the heating element within the boiler, and the system essentially works like a giant kettle – using electricity and a metal element to heat the water.

Hybrid system solutions: the perfect package

Have you got solar electric panels on your home? Solar panels and an electric boiler are the perfect match when we are looking at the cost of running our homes and wanting to find ways of reducing our bills and carbon footprint. We’re here to help! Call us to discuss the best hybrid system solution for your home on 0203 620 5800 or book a free consultation online at a time that suits you!

Electric boiler installation in South London: Choose green heating

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and make sustainable choices for your home in South London, Bromley, or Croydon? Electric boilers are an incredibly energy efficient solution – they don’t rely on fossil fuels to run, making them futureproof and planet friendly. The element inside an electric boiler provides hot water on demand – just like a combi boiler – making it a convenient option for you and a greener choice for the environment.

Our team at South London Heating are experts when it comes to the installation of your new electric boiler, ensuring you get the best, most efficient green heating and hot water system for your home.

If you’re looking for all-round eco-friendly living, we also offer green and renewable energy solutions including air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal systems, and PV roofing. Often, the perfect and most energy efficient solution could be a hybrid system that combines two or three of these renewable energy solutions.

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Let’s talk about what you need. We’re your local electric boiler installers in South London, here to help you make the right decision for your home. Our trusted customer care team is here to help. Call us on 0203 620 5800, WhatsApp +44 7880 527 500 or email hello@southlondonheating.co.uk, for award-winning, trusted installation and service!

Is now the time for a new electric boiler?

From 2025 onwards, the government plans to exclude gas boilers in new builds and phase out their use in the UK by 2035. This means many people will be looking for heating alternatives. Beat the rush for the boiler of the future: choose electric and start enjoying the benefits now. Installation is quick and simple when fitted by our expert engineers. We take care of the whole process, with a qualified electrician certified by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) signing off the installation and providing all necessary documentation.

Green energy heating and hot water is the way forward for many families in South London. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll advise on the best central heating system for your property.

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Spread the cost of your electric boiler with easy monthly finance payments

We offer a range of easy ‘spread the cost’ options, working with Novuna Personal Finance to support our customers with monthly payment finance options to fit any lifestyle and budget. You can choose from:

New Boiler

Green Heating

Air Conditioning

Service & repair

  • Interest-free credit options, perfect for keeping money in the bank
  • Lower monthly payments over a longer period, with competitive interest rates
  • Buy now pay later options – you won’t pay anything for the first year!

South London Heating Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA register No. 755270

Electric boiler repair in South London

There’s not a lot that can go wrong with an electric boiler, but it’s important to keep it in optimum condition and ensure it’s safe so it works perfectly for your home. If you’re experiencing problems with your electric boiler or your central heating system, get in touch with us. We’ll look after your boiler and make sure it’s working to its full potential, saving you money on energy bills!

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We are proud winners of the Which? ‘Trusted Trader of the Year’ award and have also been awarded a Which? Certificate of Distinction as proof of our exceptional service and dedicated commitment to delivering quality work. Which? is an impartial consumer body that has the highest standards – our awards are a coveted stamp of approval that we stand out from the crowd. We go above and beyond for you. Find out for yourself, get in touch!

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