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Sustainable heating: Green and renewable energy

Green and renewable energy is the future of how we will heat our homes and produce hot water. Leaning into green and renewable ways of heating your home will help you to futureproof your property and reduce your carbon footprint. Here at South London Heating, we always aim to provide our customers with the most efficient way of heating their homes whilst being kind to the environment.

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We’re specialists in green, sustainable energy solutions for your home, and we’d love to help.

Our green and renewable energy services 

There’s a lot of talk about green energy and sustainable heating solutions, but we know which solutions suit which types of properties. Our award-winning team can advise you on the best solution for your home

Air source heat pumps 

Air source heat pumps are a great, energy-efficient choice, as they take warmth from the air outside and use it to supply your home’s heating and hot water. They manage this even when temperatures outside are very low.

Electric boilers

Electric boilers are eco-friendly boilers with no carbon emissions that use electricity to provide heat and hot water for your home. 

Solar thermal  

Solar thermal uses the sunlight shining onto your panels to produce thermal energy for residential heating systems such as hot water or space heaters.  

Solar panels and PV roofing

Solar panels and PV (photovoltaic) roofing systems convert light from the sun into electricity. This can then be used for your home’s heating and hot water.

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Our customers have been recommending us to friends and family for years – this is how we have become renowned in South London for our incredible services. To find out more, read what our customers have to say about us.

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What you’ll experience by choosing South London Heating

We always ensure that our customers experience the values that make our South London Heating team renowned.

Prioritising kindness

Kindness is important to us, and this extends to our customers as well as to the environment.

A specialist team

Our team has more than 25 years’ experience, making us your local heating and green energy specialists in South London.

Honest professionalism

We always operate with professionalism, honestly and with integrity.

Excellent quality of work

We work with premium products from leading manufacturers, always providing the best for your home.

We love our customers

Throughout it all, you are our top focus. We’re a name you can trust to provide award-winning services with excellent customer care.

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We’re your local heating and green energy specialist in South London, Bromley, and Croydon. We’re your go-to experts for your new boiler, central heating, and renewable energy heating solutions.

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Your local heating specialists in South London

We offer complete, specialist heating services and award winning installations.

New Boiler

An energy-efficient and cost-effective new boiler can save you energy and money, while improving your home

Heat Pumps

Greener, low-energy solutions, perfect for your home, saving your money in the long term, while being kind to the environment

Air conditioning

Luxurious, comfortable living, all year round, with fresh colling in the summer months and the additional option of heating your home in the winter.

Boiler Service & Repair

Expert service & repair to keep your boiler working reliably and efficiently.

Heating and hot water

Installation of heating and hot systems incl. Megaflo and unvented cylinders

Homecare plan

Join the South London Heating Club to access exclusive services and savings.

Central heating systems

From design to installation, we offer all-round central heating services for your home.

Electric Boilers

Benefit from eco-friendly boilers that have no carbon emissions.

Underfloor heating

Elevate your home comfort in style by installing underfloor heating.

Smart heating controls

Smart controls are increasingly popular give you optimum control on your heating, while improving your home’s energy performance and saving you money

New Radiators

Explore new radiators for your home, including designer models.

Gas Safety Certificates

Are you a landlord? We offer premium services for your tenanted property, including gas safety certificates.