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Underfloor heating in Beckenham

With 25+ years’ experience to draw upon, we are the go-to expert for underfloor heating installations in Beckenham. Embrace the best in home comfort and efficiency as our cutting-edge underfloor heating systems bring a touch of luxury to your living space. Whether you seek savings on your energy bills or crave a warm, inviting ambiance, our team have got you covered.

We're also well-versed in servicing, repairing, and replacing underfloor heating. Reach out to us for a consultation and discover how we can revolutionise your home's heating experience.

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When it comes to underfloor heating in Beckenham homes, our skilled engineers stand out as the experts. Take the first step towards upgrading your heating system by reaching out to us on 0203 620 5800, messaging through WhatsApp on +44 7880 527 500 or emailing hello@southlondonheating.co.uk.

Why work with us? Here are some reasons…

  • Winners of the ‘Which? Trusted Trader of the Year’ award
  • One of the few traders to hold a Which? Certificate of Distinction
  • Reputable, experienced fitters of underfloor heating in South London
  • ‘Excellent’ TrustPilot rating and a 5/5 score on Which?

To benefit from our underfloor heating services, get in touch with us on 0203 620 5800.


Expert underfloor heating installation in Beckenham

Let us bring unparalleled warmth and cost-saving energy efficiency to your home with our impeccable underfloor heating installations. There’ll be no more worrying about cold spots; our tailor-made solutions ensure flawless heat distribution, translating into significant savings on your energy bills.

Our specialist engineers take pride in designing the ideal system for your home, granting you full control of the heating for that room. Revel in the heightened comfort and reduced energy costs that come with a well-thought-out and professionally installed underfloor heating system.

Is underfloor heating right for you?

There are two types of underfloor heating that may suit your Beckenham property, each with their own strengths.

Wet underfloor heating

With wet underfloor heating, a network of water-circulating pipes beneath your floor ensures consistent and cozy temperatures in your property. Perfect for new builds, renovations, and larger spaces, this heating solution comes highly recommended. Compared to electric underfloor heating or conventional radiator-based central heating, wet underfloor heating stands out with its lower running costs, making it a cost-efficient and eco-friendly choice.

Electric underfloor heating

Experience the ease and efficiency of electric underfloor heating, which utilises electric wires or heating mats beneath your floors. Not only is this option simple and quick to install, but it also comes at a lower initial cost compared to water-based systems. Whether you're working on a renovation project or aiming to enhance comfort in specific rooms, electric underfloor heating is the perfect solution.

Work with an underfloor heating specialist: The benefits

If learning about underfloor heating has piqued your interest, it's natural to wonder about its advantages. The beauty of underfloor heating lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with renewable technologies such as air source heat pumps. With this approach you can significantly shrink your carbon footprint and trim down energy bills, while also enhancing the overall energy efficiency of your heating setup. Take a step towards a greener lifestyle and cosier living with this smart heating choice.

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Luxurious warm floors underfoot
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Simple maintenance
  • Fully controllable temperatures
  • Additional space in your rooms with no radiators!

Choose us for underfloor heating repairs in Beckenham

Don't overlook the importance of full underfloor heating maintenance, especially when it comes to preserving your guarantee and avoiding unforeseen costs. Our team of engineers is dedicated to delivering top-tier service, working diligently to identify and resolve any issues in your current system.

Keep your home comfortably warm, maintain the validity of your guarantee, and minimise the risk of breakdowns or disruption by scheduling an underfloor heating service with us today.


Choose South London Heating, “Which? Trusted Trader of the Year”!

We wear our accolades with pride, being winners of the esteemed Which? 'Trusted Trader of the Year' award and the highly-regarded Certificate of Distinction. These esteemed honours reflect our unwavering commitment to outstanding service and our care for our valued customers.

As the UK's largest consumer body, Which? recognizes our dedication to excellence. These awards are a testament to our relentless pursuit of top-quality work and ability to exceed expectations.

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To experience our expertise, don't hesitate to contact 0203 620 5800, reach us through WhatsApp on +44 7880 527 500 or drop an email to hello@southlondonheating.co.uk. Let us make your comfort our priority.