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New boilers in Brixton

Operating ceaselessly in the background, boilers offer daily cosiness and solace. Thus, selecting a new heating unit warrants careful consideration. Whether your current device has suddenly ceased functioning or you're pursuing heightened energy conservation and decreased expenses, we're here to provide support.

With over a quarter-century of expertise, trust that you're in capable hands. Rely on our adept technicians to skillfully upgrade or replace your conventional, system, or combi boiler with a contemporary, energy-saving substitute. Our comprehensive services encompass swift and efficient boiler replacements and fresh installations across Brixton. Call 0203 620 5800 now for prompt assistance!


Get a free quote for your new boiler replacement

Here at South London Heating, we understand that selecting a new boiler in Brixton is a significant decision, and we approach it with utmost sincerity.  Our dedication lies in offering genuine, individualised guidance to guarantee you make the best choice. We even provide the ease of video estimates. Contact us now!

A proactive approach: Future-proofing your new boiler

In the realm of modern heating systems, the investment you make directly correlates to the value you receive - as the price of the boiler increases, so does the quality. Esteemed labels such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, and Ideal have solidified their reputation, consistently earning prestigious accolades like the Which? Best Buys. At South London Heating, we comprehend the importance of future-proofing your heating setup to accommodate evolving requirements while prioritising environmental sustainability.

Hence, we've taken a significant stride forward by exclusively installing hydrogen blend-ready boilers. The trajectory of residential heating revolves around ongoing deliberations about heat pumps and boilers. Hydrogen is poised to play a critical role in our path towards sustainable heating, underscoring the necessity of preparation. Leveraging our expertise, your boiler will be primed to embrace the future, keeping you ahead of the game and contributing to a cleaner ecosystem.

Here's what you gain:

  • Your fresh heating system is primed for the transition to a blend of natural gas and hydrogen.
  • Anticipate your modern boiler's adaptability to 100% hydrogen usage in the future.
  • Experience a sense of fulfilment knowing you're contributing to long-term environmental well-being.

Contact our award-winning team

Contact us at 0203 620 5800, drop us a line at hello@southlondonheating.co.uk, or fill out our contact form for a rapid reply. Our proficient, celebrated crew eagerly awaits to provide a quotation for a fresh boiler or address any enquiries.

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We work with trusted boiler brands

Our achievements stem from our partnerships with esteemed heating system labels that echo our commitment to premium goods and unparallelled client service. When opting for fresh boiler producers, we prioritise efficacy and robustness. Moreover, we supplement our services with exclusive prolonged warranties spanning up to 12 years. Our team of reliable technicians possesses extensive expertise and state-of-the-art tools to uphold impeccable installation benchmarks.

Boiler finance options

We comprehend the importance of discovering a heating system that seamlessly aligns with your way of life and budget. Simplifying the procedure, we present an array of monthly payment plans customised to your individual requirements. Feel free to contact our committed customer service squad for adept guidance in selecting the ideal choice.

We prioritise your convenience - offering up to 2 years of interest-free financing for those seeking to distribute expenses. With extended and reduced alternatives, payments can be extended across a maximum of 10 years.


Which type of boiler is right for you?

Confused about the most suitable boiler for your needs? Allow us to guide you! Here's a breakdown of the primary boiler variants, enabling you to select the perfect option for your Brixton residence.

Combi boiler

In spaces where room is limited, combi boilers take the lead. Their dual-purpose design provides heating and hot water from a solitary unit, eliminating the need for extra machinery. Instant access to hot water characterises these boilers, guaranteeing unmatched ease and effectiveness in a streamlined, space-saving design.

Regular boilers

Conventional boilers cater to elevated demands, delivering a generous amount of hot water. A traditional boiler could serve as an excellent substitute for a combi boiler. Yet, it's essential to note that regular boilers demand more room, incorporating a boiler, cylinder, and tank to ensure a steady and ample hot water provision.

System boilers

By dispensing with an additional tank, system boilers provide the benefit of expanded hot water capacity, all while conserving valuable room. For individuals seeking a compact and effective heating resolution, a system boiler is the ultimate option. This category of boiler presents an optimal solution, mandating solely the instalment of the boiler and an independent cylinder, such as the dependable Megaflo.


Potential savings: The facts you’re looking for

Are you aware that based on insights from the Energy Saving Trust, you have the potential to cut down your annual expenses by up to £840*? Astounding, isn't it? Grasp this remarkable chance and delve into the myriad of possibilities. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website immediately to uncover the potential savings at your disposal!

Why replace your boiler?

As you upgrade your boiler, don't miss the opportunity to elevate your entire heating system. Even modest enhancements, like updating your radiators or incorporating thermostatic valves, can wield a considerable influence on your heating system's effectiveness.

Seize this occasion to revolutionise your home's heating, shaping it into an eco-conscious and energy-efficient arrangement. This isn't merely advantageous for the environment but also serves to bolster your finances. It permits you to invest in a future-ready heating solution that aligns seamlessly with eco-friendly aspirations, endorsing carbon reduction and optimising energy efficiency.

Upgrade your heating system and enjoy advantages such as:

  1. Enhanced energy efficiency leading to cost savings.
  2. Consistent, dependable performance.
  3. Quieter operations with advanced noise reduction technology.
  4. Streamlined usability for added convenience.
  5. Decreased environmental impact with reduced carbon emissions.
  6. Extended, exclusive warranty for long-term peace of mind.

Choose South London Heating, “Which? Trusted Trader of the Year”!

Experience our exceptional offerings endorsed by the UK consumer champions and witness firsthand what distinguishes us. Our honours attest to our steadfast commitment to extraordinary service, underscoring the highest benchmarks we uphold for our esteemed clientele.

At South London Heating, we take great pride in earning the distinguished "Which? Trusted Trader of the Year" accolade and the esteemed "Which? Certificate of Distinction." Our recognitions provide you with the confidence and serenity of choosing an exceptional enterprise that surpasses its rivals.

Arrange a new boiler installation in Brixton

For personalised home solutions, entrust South London Heating. No matter your chosen method of contact, our committed experts are prepared to assist you.