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Heat pumps in West Wickham

Welcome to South London Heating, your trusted partner in enhancing home comfort. Amidst the beautiful blend of Victorian residences and modern homes, the town demands a heating solution that meets the growing demand for efficient heating solutions. Our reliable heat pumps in West Wickham stand as a beacon of warmth and sustainability.

Join us in this wonderful journey of exploring tailor-made house heating solutions that are perfectly designed to meet the unique requirements of West Wickham. Call 0203 620 5800 to schedule an appointment with our team. 

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What is an air source heat pump?

Curious to know about this unique technology? Well, an air source heat pump operates like a refrigerator in reverse. Rather than releasing warmth, it extracts it from the air outside your home and channels it to the heating system. By this process, the temperature of your house rises gradually and remains at an optimal level, ensuring a comfortable environment. This is a striking contrast in comparison to a traditional boiler gas often associated with abrupt temperature change.

Is your property suitable for a heat pump?

What is the compatibility of your home with a heat pump? Our reliable heat pumps offer unparalleled efficiency and affordability. However, to ensure optimal functionality your property needs to meet certain criteria. Assess if your property includes:

  • Modern insulated windows
  • Sufficient wall, floor, and roof insulation
  • Underfloor heating setup
  • Space for larger heating units
  • Adequate room for additional machinery

Thanks to our affiliations with leading heat pump producers, we provide access to a diverse range of premium models. If you want to evaluate your home's suitability for an air-to-air heat pump, reach out to us at 0203 620 5800 for a complimentary assessment.

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Hybrid heat pump systems for homes in West Wickham

Sometimes properties don’t meet the specific requirements of a standard air-source heat pump. If you are in a similar situation, worry not. We offer a dynamic remedy of integrating a heat pump into your pre-existing heating set-up. Our experts can implement an innovative dual heating system that merges the boiler and a heat pump, giving you a hybrid heat pump system. 

In this installation, the heat pump is responsible for your everyday heating requirements while the boiler ensures a standard flow of hot water supply. However, during peak demands, the boiler supports the system’s performance with heating. This strategy is not only effective but also decreases operational expenses often required with the integration of sustainable energy. So, even if your home isn’t properly suited for a heat pump our hybrid system efficiently bridges the gap. 

A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A kitchen with a black boiler, black table and black chairs.

How much does a heat pump cost?

Choosing a fresh heating system entails a lot of considerations. Proposing an exact estimate can prove challenging due to many factors like residence dimensions, construction, etc. Here is an overview of the insights. 

Usually, the installation cost of an air-source heat pump starts from £8k. But, for more intricate configurations or expansive work, it might rise to £20k. To get something more affordable, you can consider a hybrid setup while retaining your current boiler. To put things in perspective, a new boiler integration adaptable to hydrogen-blend technology should amount to something around £3k. 

What are the benefits of air-source heat pumps?  

As the UK's energy grid transitions to sustainable sources, the projection is for electricity prices to dip below those of gas. It’s a great moment to join the green movement and play a part in reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources. Choosing a heat pump for West Wickham will also bring substantial long-term savings on your operational costs. 

Embrace the economic advantage that not only bolsters your finances but also harmonises seamlessly with your dedication to a greener future!

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