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Heat pumps in Selhurst

Heat pumps are a game-changing solution for economical, environmentally-friendly heating. Join the other residents of Selhurst who are excited about their potential and partner with South London Heating. We’re here to help you achieve the optimal heating system for your home, ensuring it maximises your comfort, financial savings, and positive impact on the planet.

If you're intrigued by the difference an air source heat pump could make to your Selhurst home, don't hesitate to contact us at 0203 620 5800. Our team is ready to guide you towards a greener future.

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What is an air source heat pump?

If this is the first you’ve heard of air source heat pumps, you’re bound to be interested in how they work. The best way to grasp these systems is to think of them like refrigerators that work in reverse. Rather than cooling the surrounding air it captures the heat and transfers it to the air supply that’ll be used throughout the home. The beauty of heat pumps lies in their ability to provide what's known as "trickle heat." Rather than sudden bursts of hot air, they deliver a slow and steady increase in temperature which creates a consistent, comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Is your property suitable for a heat pump?

For a heat pump to work as effectively as possible, your home will need to be well insulated. There are certain features that can help to maximise its performance, and these are linked to the pivotal role the structure of your home plays in heating the living space. For the best results, consider whether your home has the following features:

  • Modern double glazing 
  • High levels of wall, floor, and roof insulation 
  • Underfloor heating installed
  • Space for larger radiators
  • Space for additional equipment

We work closely with top heat pump manufacturers, giving us access to a wide range of premium products. If you’d like to learn whether a heat pump is the right fit for your Selhurst property, arrange a free visit from our team by calling 0203 620 5800. We’ll be happy to help you find the most effective and energy efficient option for your home.

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Hybrid heat pump systems for homes in Selhurst

Don't worry if your home doesn't meet these criteria, as there are still ways to make effective use of a heat pump within your heating system. We can design a hybrid approach which uses a heat pump and a boiler to meet all of your home’s needs. The heat pump will handle everyday heating, whilst the boiler will handle any additional heating needs and will provide all the hot water.

Having a renewable component will allow you to enjoy reduced emissions, lower running costs, and excellent efficiency, whilst the boiler is a reliable solution to extra high demand. If a standalone heat pump would struggle to meet all your needs, a hybrid system will be able to address these shortfalls.

A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A kitchen with a black boiler, black table and black chairs.

How much does a heat pump cost?

Cost is always an important element of any purchasing decision, particularly when investing in something that’s as important as a new heating system. The cost of heat pump installation will depend on factors like the size of your home and the complexity of the system. However, as a rough guide, you can expect prices to start around £8k. Particularly large and complex installations can cost up to £20k.

Choosing a hybrid system can reduce these costs, particularly when you already have a boiler in place. This approach can halve the installation costs. As a reference for all these figures, the typical cost of installing a hydrogen-blend ready boiler is around £3k.

What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?

Embracing an air source heat pumps within your Selhurst home will see you do your bit towards significantly reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. As with other renewable options, this is the key advantage that everyone, including future generations, will benefit from.

However, there are also cost benefits. As the UK power network decarbonises and runs on renewable sources, the cost of electricity is expected to fall below the cost of gas. This means reduced heating bills and running costs for homeowners with an air source heat pump. 

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