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Heat Pumps in Sanderstead

Heat pumps are the perfect energy-efficient solutions for the unique climate of Sanderstead. As the seasons change, finding reliable ways to keep your home warm becomes essential. Our cost-effective and reliable heat pumps from South London Heating help keep your place comfortable, maintaining an optimal temperature all day long.

Explore our range of heat pumps tailored to your home, offering sustainability and comfort at the same time. Reach out to us at 0203 620 5800 to embrace innovation and efficiency with our air-to-air heat pumps.

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What is an air source heat pump?

In simple words, an air-source heat pump absorbs heat from the outside of your house and releases it inside through a vapour-compression refrigeration system. Imagine it to be the opposite of a refrigerator. Hence, instead of cooling, they take warmth from the air around and transfer it into your heating system.

What makes these types of heat pumps special is their ability to regulate temperature gradually, providing a constant and cosy environment, unlike a sudden burst of change in temperature with traditional gas boilers.

Is Your Property Suitable for Heat Pumps?

When it comes to cost-efficiency and sustainability, nothing can beat a heat pump. Our heat pumps are designed to provide consistent warmth, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the year. However, to ensure they work properly, your house needs to meet certain criteria. The primary concern with heat pumps is the way your house is constructed. If you have the following features in your house, you can comfortably consider heat pumps:

  • Contemporary insulated windows 
  • High levels of wall, floor, and roof insulation
  • Underfloor heating installed
  • Space for larger radiators
  • Space for additional equipment

You can access a wide range of premium models thanks to our affiliations with top heat pump manufacturers. If you need us to assess your home's suitability for an air-to-air heat pump, call us at 0203 620 5800 for a free consultation.

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Hybrid Heat Pump Systems for Homes in Sanderstead

Concerned that your home in Sanderstead might not meet all the requirements for a standard heat pump? No need to worry! We have solutions for everything. You can simply choose our hybrid heating system designed to seamlessly integrate a heat pump into your existing heating setup.

Our team of experts can create and install this innovative system, combining the strengths of both a boiler and a heat pump. With this setup, your daily heating requirements will be handled by the heat pump and the boiler will be responsible for supplying hot water. During the winter months when there are usually high heating demands, the boiler will efficiently lend its assistance with heating. This hybrid approach ensures top-notch efficiency, lower emissions, and reduced running costs commonly associated with renewable energy. It also comes with the reliability of the boiler system.

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How much does a heat pump cost?

Installation of a fresh heating system varies in cost due to a lot of factors. Giving a clear estimate can be challenging for us as it varies with residence dimensions, construction factors, etc.

However, an approximate installation cost of air source heat pumps in Sanderstead usually ranges from £8k to £20k depending on integrated configurations and a more expansive range. With a hybrid setup and retaining your current boiler, the cost can come down in half. To give you a basic estimate, a new hydrogen-blend ready boiler installation technology typically costs around £3k. 


What Are the Benefits of Air-source Heat Pumps?  

Sustainability is at the core of Sanderstead's living. Given that the whole country is joining the renewable revolution, choosing heat pumps is a smart choice towards creating a positive impact. Our heat pumps operate quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to the tranquillity of your surroundings. Moreover, our experts can seamlessly work with you to determine the best heat pump solution based on your needs and the characteristics of your house. 

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