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Heat pumps in Norwood

Heat pumps are the ideal energy-efficient and eco-conscious heating systems for homes in Norwood. At South London Heating, we are dedicated to helping you find the ideal heating solution that promises unparalleled comfort, substantial savings, and a greener planet. If these qualities excite you, consider installing an air source heat pump Reach out to us on 0203 620 5800 to embark on a journey with this innovative technology and embrace its incredible benefits for your home and the environment.


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What is an air source heat pump?

If the world of heat pumps has sparked your curiosity, the primary question that springs to mind is likely, "how do they operate?" It's a great question, and you'll be delighted to discover that the answer is remarkably simple. Imagine a heat pump functioning like a refrigerator in reverse. Instead of expelling heat, it draws warmth from the outside air and transfers it into the air supply used to heat your home. The magic of heat pumps lies in their "trickle heat" concept. This means they gradually elevate the temperature to a cozy level and maintain it, as opposed to producing rapid and drastic changes in temperature like a traditional gas boiler.


Is your property suitable for a heat pump?

For unmatched cost-effectiveness and efficiency, nothing beats heat pumps. Nevertheless, ensuring their optimal performance does require your home to meet certain criteria. The way that your home is constructed and insulated will be key for determining how effectively your living space can be heated. Specifically, you should consider whether you can say yes to having the following features in your home:

  • Modern double glazing 
  • High levels of wall, floor, and roof insulation 
  • Underfloor heating installed
  • Space for larger radiators
  • Space for additional equipment

We have established partnerships with leading heat pump manufacturers, granting you access to a diverse range of high-quality models. If you're curious about the suitability of your home for an air source heat pump, feel free to reach out on 0203 620 5800 for a complimentary home visit. Together, we'll explore the finest options tailored to your needs.

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Hybrid heat pump systems for homes in Norwood

Worried that your home might not meet all the criteria mentioned earlier? Fear not, as we have a fantastic solution to seamlessly integrate a heat pump into your heating system. Our expert team can create and install a cutting-edge hybrid heating system that cleverly combines a boiler and a heat pump, capitalising on the strengths of both options. In this setup, your daily heating needs will be efficiently handled by the heat pump, while the boiler will be responsible for providing your hot water supply. Moreover, during periods of exceptionally high heating demands, the boiler will step in to lend its assistance. This hybrid approach not only guarantees the top-notch efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower running costs typically associated with renewables but also ensures the peace of mind that comes with a proven and reliable boiler. If your home isn't initially optimised for a heat pump, rest assured, our hybrid solution will serve as the perfect way to bridge the gap.


How much does a heat pump cost?

Choosing a new heating system means that cost is always a concern. While providing an exact price is tricky due to varying factors like home size, here's a rough guide to give you an idea. The installation cost for a heat pump typically falls around £8k, but for larger or more complex setups it can go up to £20k. Opting for a hybrid installation, provided you retain your existing boiler, can halve the installation cost. In order to make sense of these figures in context, a new hydrogen-blend ready boiler installation will cost around £3k.


What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?

Join the renewable revolution and make a positive impact on our reliance on fossil fuels by choosing a heat pump for your Norwood home. The advantages are undeniable. By doing so, you become a part of the solution for a greener future while enjoying reduced running costs in the long run. As the UK's power network progressively shifts towards renewable energy, the cost of electricity is expected to undercut gas. This cost-effectiveness not only benefits your wallet but also aligns perfectly with your commitment to a healthier planet. It's a true win-win scenario!

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