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Heat pumps in Keston

In the stunning picturesque setting of Keston, where nature and residential charm intertwine, embrace the perfect synergy of comfort and sustainability with our air source heat pumps. At South London Heating, we are committed to finding the ideal heat pump for your Keston home. Our air source heat pumps seamlessly integrate innovation into your home without disrupting your daily life. 

Let's embark together on a journey towards a more sustainable and comfortable living environment with our energy-efficient heat pumps in Keston. Explore your choices by reaching out to us at 0203 620 5800.

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What is an air source heat pump?

Curious to know about air-source heat pumps? Let’s explain how an air source heat pump operates in simple terms. These heat pumps draw heat from the outside air and transfer it to your home through a vapour compression refrigeration procedure. It’s almost like a refrigerator working in reverse. The magic of these heat pumps is often referred to as the “trickle heat” concept where they gradually elevate the temperature of your house to a comfortable level and maintain it. It’s much more cosy than traditional gas boilers that produce rapid and drastic temperature changes. 

Is your property suitable for a heat pump?

Sometimes, installing a heat pump in a Keston property can get tricky. Heat pumps offer unmatched cost-effectiveness and efficiency, but optimal performance depends on certain home criteria. Here are some of the factors you should consider before opting for a heat pump:

  • Contemporary insulated windows 
  • Ample wall, floor, and roof insulation 
  • Underfloor heating installed 
  • Space for larger radiators 
  • Adequate room for supplementary machinery 

For years, we have been partnering with top heat pump manufacturers, delivering high-quality models throughout Keston. If you are wondering about the suitability of your home for an air source heat pump, contact us at 0203 620 5800 for a complimentary home visit. We can work out some tailor-fitted options for your needs.

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Hybrid heat pump systems for homes in Keston

Are you concerned that your Keston home may not align with the mentioned criteria? There’s nothing to worry about!

We offer an innovative solution to integrate a heat pump into your heating system seamlessly. With our cutting-edge hybrid heating systems, our team can effortlessly merge the strengths of a boiler and a heat pump. This setup is perfect for a budget-friendly and sustainable solution. For your daily heating needs, the heat pump will do its job while the boiler ensures a reliable hot water supply. During periods of heightened heating demands, the boiler steps in to provide extra support. This system is energy-efficient and ensures the peace of mind that comes with a proven and reliable boiler.

A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A kitchen with a black boiler, black table and black chairs.

How much does a heat pump cost?

Considering a new heating system for your home always come with budget concern. Installation of a heat pump varies a lot in price due to factors like the dimensions of your property and others. However, generally speaking, the installation cost of a heat pump typically ranges around £8k. For larger or more intricate work, it can go up to £20k.

Choosing a hybrid installation, where your existing boiler is retained, can effectively cut the installation cost in half. To put it in perspective, hybrid heat pumps in Keston with a new hydrogen-blend-ready boiler connection average around £3k.

What are the benefits of air-source heat pumps?

It’s time to join the renewable revolution happening around the country and make a positive impact. Choosing heat pumps for your Keston home, you gain several benefits. Apart from cost-efficiency and sustainable options, air-source heat pumps are generally safe and require minimal maintenance. When properly maintained, air-source heat pumps can have a longer lifespan compared to traditional heating systems. Moreover, by relying on ambient air for heat exchange, heat pumps can lower your bills, making it extremely cost-effective. 

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