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Heat pumps in Croydon

Amidst the growing demand for sustainable heating solutions that don't break the bank, heat pumps have taken the spotlight. These innovative systems have garnered attention for their cost efficiency and positive impact on both energy bills and the environment. At South London Heating, we recognise the significance of adopting heating systems that offer optimal comfort, financial savings, and environmental benefits.

Our dedicated team is always ready to guide you in selecting the ideal heating system that caters to your home's needs, while also being mindful of your budget and the planet.


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What is an air source heat pump?

If you think of a heat pump as a reverse refrigerator, you'll be on the right track. Instead of expelling heat, a heat pump draws heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the air used for household heating. This innovative technology can even convert low outside temperatures into comfortably warm indoor temperatures. Heat pumps are renowned for their ability to generate what's known as "trickle heat." Rather than instantaneously reaching high temperatures, they operate by gradually increasing and maintaining a pleasant warmth within your home. This unique heating method results in economical and efficient, benefitting both your energy consumption and overall cost efficiency.


Is a heat pump right for your home?

The design and construction of your home greatly influence the effectiveness of a heat pump. To achieve the best results your property will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Modern double glazing 
  • High levels of wall, floor, and roof insulation 
  • Underfloor heating installed
  • Space for larger radiators
  • Space for additional equipment

At South London Heating, we partner with a wide range of leading heat pump manufacturers. This allows us to offer you an energy-efficient heating package that perfectly suits the needs of your family. We are determined to find the most suitable solution for you, ensuring optimal comfort and satisfaction. With our extensive product range and expertise, we're equipped to deliver the ideal heating system for your home.

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Hybrid heat pump systems

When it comes to heating, the future encompasses more than just heat pumps. While modern boilers are favoured by many homeowners for their reliability and quick heat generation, there is still a desire to enhance energy efficiency and reduce running costs. This is where a hybrid heating system can be the ideal choice for your property, allowing you to reap some of the benefits of sustainable, zero-emission heating.

A hybrid heating system integrates different heating methods into a single, versatile system. The boiler handles high-demand heating and hot water requirements, while an integrated heat pump serves as a dependable source for day-to-day heating needs. Hybrid systems are particularly suitable for homes that don't meet the criteria for heat pump installation but still wish to make improvements without completely abandoning existing technology. With a hybrid heating system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by achieving energy efficiency and reliability.


How much does a heat pump cost?

It's only natural that the cost is the foremost question when considering a new heating system. Providing an exact price is challenging as it depends on the unique characteristics of each home and situation. However, prices for a heat pump installation will generally start around £8k. If you choose to install a hybrid heat pump alongside your existing boiler, the installation costs are typically half the price of a full heat pump installation. In contrast, a new boiler installation using a hydrogen-blend ready boiler usually amounts to around £3k.

It's important to note that these figures are approximate and may vary. For a precise cost estimation based on your specific requirements, it is advisable to consult with a heating professional.


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