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Boiler installation in South Norwood

Searching for professional boiler installation services in South Norwood? Your search ends here. Our team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers boast more than 25 years of experience in performing boiler installations in South Norwood and the surrounding areas. Regardless of your preferred boiler type, we ensure its safe and efficient installation. With our exceptional skills and unparalleled customer service, we have garnered a stellar reputation in South Norwood, making us the ideal option for your boiler installation project. Get in touch with us today at 0203 620 5800 or email hello@southlondonheating.co.uk to consult our team and discuss your specific requirements.

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Expert boiler installation in South Norwood

Our extensive work across South Norwood has seen us work in a wide range of different property types. By immersing ourselves in the local housing landscape, we’ve been able to build up an understanding of what works best in different properties. Rely on our team to complete the installation with minimal disruption to your daily life. Our Gas Safe engineers are well-versed in identifying the most suitable boiler placement and can even recommend an ideal system that is tailored to your home's needs, size, and age. When you entrust your boiler installation to South London Heating, you're choosing a team with the experience and knowledge to ensure that the process is free from hassle.

Boiler manufacturers we install in South Norwood

Rest assured that our team possesses the necessary qualifications to install boilers from a wide range of manufacturers. No matter what your requirements are, we have the expertise to meet them. As accredited Worcester Bosch installers, South London Heating offers the added advantage of an extended guarantee when we install one of their boilers in your South Norwood home. Our goal is to simplify the entire process and make sure that there is minimal disruption to your daily routine. We do this by tailoring your installation to your home and making sure it suits its unique characteristics.

Types of gas boilers we install in South Norwood

We make finding the ideal gas boiler for your home effortless. Regardless of the shape or size, we are well-equipped to install a wide variety of boilers, offering you plenty of choices. We understand the importance of a dependable and energy-efficient boiler, and our dedicated team goes above and beyond to deliver just that. With an extensive selection of boilers available, you can select the one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Combi boiler

For a cost-effective and space-efficient boiler solution, consider a combi boiler. They’re perfect for properties where space in the attic or airing cupboard is limited. The compact design eliminates the need for extra storage tanks or pumps, as everything is integrated into a single unit. And, because they conveniently heat water at mains pressure, you can enjoy instant hot water without any waiting time. Installing a combi boiler is a straightforward and budget-friendly option.

System boiler

For those with greater hot water and heating needs, system boilers are the ideal solution. Featuring an additional cylinder to store hot water, these boilers can tap into this reserve to ensure a constant supply throughout your entire property. You'll never have to fret about running out of hot water with a system boiler – they offer exceptional efficiency! You can even boost their energy efficiency by utilising solar panels on your property. By doing so, you'll not only save on energy costs but also play your part in promoting environmental sustainability.

Regular (conventional) boiler

If you already have a conventional boiler, the quickest and most cost-effective solution is likely to replace it with another conventional boiler. Conventional boilers are fed by gravity from a tank in the loft, making them an excellent choice for properties with high hot water usage. Moreover, replacing your current boiler with another conventional one is often a straightforward process, saving you time and effort. All the pipework and tanks are in place, so the boiler just needs to be swapped.

Electric boiler installation in South Norwood

Contemplating the switch to electric heating? You're not alone. This is a growing trend and electric boilers are gaining popularity due to the advantages they offer over traditional gas models. One significant benefit is their space-saving nature, allowing for installation in various areas of your home. This is because they don’t need to be fitted near a gas supply. Furthermore, electric boilers have few moving parts and experience less wear and tear. This results in lower maintenance and repair costs in the long run. If you're seeking a versatile and efficient heating option, an electric boiler is the perfect fit.

A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.
A man installing a gas boiler in a kitchen.

Financing your new boiler in South Norwood

We understand that purchasing a new boiler can be a major investment, which is why we provide finance options to help you spread the cost. This way, you can enjoy the advantages of a brand new, high-efficiency boiler without putting excessive strain on your finances. Our 0% APR finance options make it convenient to have a new boiler and start reaping the benefits of reduced running costs and increased reliability. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – contact us today to learn more about your options for financing a new boiler in South Norwood!

Control your boiler with SMART technology

Feeling the pinch of high energy bills? SMART thermostats are the perfect tool to help you save money on heating and hot water expenses. By controlling these systems from your smartphone, you have complete control over your home's comfort levels and energy usage. A SMART thermostat lets you effortlessly maintain the ideal temperature in your home and prevents you from accidentally leaving the heating on all day. This convenient and user-friendly technology will ensure that saving energy becomes a seamless part of your routine.

Boiler installation in South Norwood reviews

South London Heating gave an excellent service throughout from quotation to installation of my new boiler. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Ian M via TrustPilot

We used South London Heating to replace the heating system in our flat. Very happy with the service – they took time to understand what we needed and advised the best location for radiators etc. They have a wonderful team, from Paul who did an excellent job on the installation to Kerrie in the office who was happy to answer our many questions. Would highly recommend.

Mark B via TrustPilot

Trustworthy, polite, and excellent service every time. I’ve used this company for various jobs including installation of a new boiler.

Belinda Coker via Google

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For top-notch boiler installation services in South Norwood, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers is the perfect choice. Email hello@southlondonheating.co.uk or call 0203 620 5800 to get started and let us fulfil your heating and hot water requirements.