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Why Summer is the best time to get a new boiler

Although naturally, you wouldn’t think of heating during the summer months, however, having your new boiler installed in the Summer is the smart move!

Planning your new boiler installation in the summer months is ideal for many reasons:

  • You won’t need to worry about going without heat for a day or two while your new boiler is being installed
  • Summer is the quietest time of year for gas engineers, meaning you can benefit from reduced rates and a quick installation turnaround on a day that suits you
  • This also means a higher level of service and attention during the quiet months
  • There may be special offers by heating companies that can make a boiler replacement more cost-effective!

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The benefits of a new boiler installation in the summer months

Going without heat in the middle of winter because your old boiler has suddenly broken down is far from ideal. By having your new boiler installed in the Summer, there will be no heating downtime and you’ll be ready for winter when you actually need it the most!

So why not plan ahead and replace your old boiler in the Summer with a brand new, energy-efficient combi boiler from South London Heating? You won’t need to worry about heating your home immediately as you can rely on the natural summer heat to stay warm.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take the time to research the different boiler types and brands to find the best option to suit your home, although, with South London Heating, you really don’t need to do that! We’re experts in new boilers and boiler installations, and we’re always here to help and suggest the most energy-efficient, most suitable and cost-effective boiler for your property.

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Why should I replace my boiler if it’s not broken?

Boiler efficiency is a crucial consideration for most households, especially when the temperature is barely above freezing in the cold winter months.

That’s why it is important for your boiler to be running efficiently before winter, and why summer is the best time to organise a replacement.

Further, while it might still be working, your boiler loses its efficiency over time which will increase your heating bills as a result. Should it run into a fault, finding parts for older boilers becomes much more expensive and challenging.

The latest technology boilers are a minimum 92% efficient. This means that for every pound (£1) only 8 pence is wasted heat. If you compare that with an old boiler with around 70% efficiency, there can be big savings over a year, just by replacing your new boiler.

And with the excellent, extended guarantees that are nowadays being offered by manufacturers (up to 12 years), it means you won't need to spend any money on repairs for over a decade.

How much does a new boiler installation cost?

While the cost of a new boiler installation or boiler replacement may seem high, in essence, it’ll save money in energy savings and repairs in the long run, way before its expiration date. And it’s smarter to replace your boiler before it breaks, than adding callout and repair fees, before you actually replace it.

In South London Heating, we have flexible monthly ‘spread the cost’ payment options, which means that you could use any potential repair funds for your new boiler while choosing a monthly payment plan that suits your lifestyle, and ensures that you start enjoying the benefits for a new, energy-efficient boiler for your home, right away.

A more efficient boiler also means a lesser impact on the environment, by reducing household carbon emissions and making a new boiler installation a smarter decision overall.

Conclusion: It’s smart to have your new boiler installed in the summer

By replacing your boiler in summer, or even just having it serviced during these months, you run a lower risk of your boiler breaking or being without heating over the colder months. But if you wait until wintertime, high demand may mean higher call-out fees and longer wait times.

Winter is understandably the busiest time of year for heating engineers. By booking your new boiler installation in the Summer, you’ll enjoy a wider choice of dates for your installation that suit you, ensuring a reduced disruption to your daily life, with no pressure to make a decision due to cold weather or freezing conditions.

In other words, you can take your time and choose wisely!

And you cannot choose wiser than South London Heating for your new boiler installation! Contact us today to book a free quotation visit to discuss the best boiler options for you and your property!

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